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Friday September 14 General

10 Things for Climate Week NYC

How can each of us, as individuals, get involved with accelerating climate action?

This year marks the tenth Climate Week NYC, and as the largest Climate Week event in the world, will bring together people from all over the world to take climate action. This year, Climate Week NYC is going even further to engage with local businesses and the community within the five boroughs of New York City, as well as around the world. Climate Week NYC is set to attract increased interest in 2018 because of the fact it falls ten days after the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) in San Francisco, providing us an opportunity to take the commitments and conversation from those leading the charge to a wider audience.

As part of that journey, Climate Week NYC is launching the 10 Things campaign. Taking the baton from GCAS, 10 Things will launch on September 14th at the end of the summit. We will release each of the 10 Things, one a day, until Sunday 23rd September – the day before Climate Week NYC opens. On the launch of Climate Week NYC, we will promote all 10 Things throughout the week, including a compilation video showing the best pieces of content from the ten days of the campaign. Share your thoughts with the #10Things hashtag all over social media!

#1. Travel

Sustainable tourism covers a broad collection of things that people can do to limit their impact on the planet, from how you travel, to where you travel, to what you do when you’re there. This could coincide with a specific list of 10 Things looking specifically at sustainable tourism in NYC. How can we make travel more sustainable? Share your thoughts with the #10Things hashtag all over social media!

  • Record a video about how your next trip will be more sustainable
  • Tell us about the most sustainable holiday you've ever taken
  • New Yorkers - tell us how we can travel around your city in a more sustainable way
  • Post this image on your own social media accounts to spread awareness

#2. Fashion

Coming at the weekend following New York Fashion Week, we are focusing on things that people can do to take climate action through the clothes that they wear. If you are looking for inspiration, why not try these?

  • What are your tips and tricks on washing your clothes without hurting the environment?
  • What’s your favorite piece of vintage clothing? Show us by tagging it #10Things and #ClimateWeekNYC!
  • Take a selfie in your favorite sustainable clothing! Tag us at #ClimateWeekNYC and#10Things!

#2. Food

Changing the way we eat is one of the easiest ways to help the planet, and we want to know what steps you are taking. If you are looking for ideas, why not try the below?

  • Take a picture of your favorite sustainable meal or snack and use the tag #10Things to show us!
  • Join the conversation – are you a chef or skilled home cook? Tell us how we can make better use of our leftover food and scraps at #10Things
  • What’s your favorite climate-conscious restaurant? Tag them at #10Things and show them some love.

Eat for Climate Week is raising awareness about the climate benefits of shifting to a more plant-rich diet. In celebration of Climate Week NYC, restaurants all over New York City will be showcasing delicious and climate-friendly dishes. Be sure to stop by one of the many participating restaurants!


Cafe Clover (West Village)

Terri (Midtown, Wall Street)

Ladybird (East Village)

Avant Garden (East Village)

Mother of Pearl (East Village)

PS Kitchen (Midtown)

Spring Natural Kitchen (Upper West Side)

Spring Street Natural (East Village)

Oaxaca Taqueria (Multiple locations)

Martina (East Village)

Bareburger (Multiple locations)


Avant Garden (Williamsburg)

Rip’s Malt Shop (Brooklyn Heights)

Oaxaca Taqueria (Multiple locations)


The Bonnie (Astoria)

Macoletta (Astoria)

#4. Water

Water makes up 72% of the Earth's surface but climate change threatens our water supplies and the ecology of our oceans, seas, lakes and more in a myriad of ways. We want to know your advice on how we can all do our bit to save water at #10Things - but if you're looking for ways you can get involved yourself why not try these:

  • What are your favorite water-safe, non-polluting products? Give them a shoutout using the #10Things tag!
  • Show us your favorite speedy-shower playlists by tagging them at #10Things
  • Send us a video of you tending to your garden (whether on your balcony or on the ground) using recycled water using #10Things
  • How can we all help clean up the Hudson and other bodies of water around us? Join the conversation at #10Things and #ClimateWeekNYC

#5. Plastic

Today will provide an opportunity to showcase the simple things that individuals can do to reduce their impact on the planet. We'd love for you or your business to highlight the action that you're taking to reduce plastic packaging and products, as well as what specific things we can all cut out to reduce waste. Tell us how you're putting down the plastic at #10Things by:

  • Snap a shot of your keep-cup and show us how us you’re putting down the plastic at #10Things!
  • Video your low-plastic packaging grocery haul and share with us on #10Things
  • Shout-out your favorite local low-plastic grocers, cafes, diners and businesses on #10Things and #ClimateWeekNYC!

#6. Lighting

We will be looking at the simple steps that can be taken to reduce the carbon footprint of lighting your home or office. We're shining a light on the benefits of LEDs, as well as exploring the impact that changing how we light our homes, offices and streets can have on the planet.

  • Video your office going dark after the lights are switched off and share with us at #10Things!
  • Shine a light on some of the chicest ways to style an LED – what are some of the coolest eco-friendly lighting designs you’ve ever seen? Share on #10Things
  • Did you know lighting accounts to roughly 25% of our electricity bills? How can we maximize the impact of the lighting we already have and make it more efficient? Share your tips and tricks at #10Things

#7. Health

Today focuses on the how being active can help make a healthy planet too. Whether it be walking, cycling or jogging instead of less sustainable forms of transport, this is an opportunity to raise awareness of the health benefits of climate action. We will also be reaching out to organizations that have a focus on the health implications of climate change on the population.

  • Send us a picture of your bike, skateboard, longboard, flippers – or any other way you get your workout whilst getting from A to Z!
  • What are your favorite outdoor workouts to do with friends? Can you recommend tai chi in the park? A jogging club? Outdoor yoga? Give your group a shoutout at #10Things!
  • Got sustainable gym-wear? Show us on the #10Things tag, or give the brand a big shoutout!
  • What are your favorite healthy recipes which use seasonal, local ingredients? Tell us on #10Things

#8. Electric Vehicles

To coincide with the New American Roadtrip's arrival in St Louis, Friday will mark our focus on electric vehicles. While there will be a focus on the role that electric vehicles play in tackling climate change, we will also be looking how those who don’t drive can use electric vehicles, such as electric taxis and the electric public transportation. 

  • One of the biggest switches we can all make to our daily lives is using electric transportation – have you got an electric car? Do you use an electric scooter? Show us at #10Things
  • Take an electric bus or taxi? Video your daily commute and tell us why you use electric transportation on #10Things
  • How are you making your business go greener? Are you converting your fleets to electric? Tell us at #10Things
  • Will you be at the #newamericanroadtrip event in St. Louis? Take a video and show us! Tag it #10Things!

#9. Recycling

The focus today is on how we can recycle better. We will be posting about some of the most common things that people try to recycle that they shouldn’t (dirty pizza boxes) and the sort of things that they should recycle but don’t (paper!)

  • What’s your most ingenious method of recycling? It could be anything – share your tips and tricks at #10Things
  • Got any fun recycling projects we can do with the whole family? Share your ideas at #10Things!
  • Film your recycling #lifehacks and send them to us at #10Things!
  • Upcycled old furniture or old clothing? Show us by taking a snap and tagging it #10Things!

#10. Getting Involved

From voting to volunteering, today (the day before #ClimateWeekNYC opens) will focus on “getting involved,” specifically on the grassroots role that people can play to influence their friends and family. We will also be reaching out to small charities and NGOs in NYC who support climate action, providing a platform to talk about the importance of getting involved. This will segue into the first day on Climate Week NYC itself, and the broader message of “Stepping Up.” As our CEO Helen Clarkson says, we need to “vote with our feet and with our wallet” to accelerate climate action!

  • Who are your climate-conscious companions? We want to see your community! Share a picture with us at #10Things and #ClimateWeekNYC
  • Get a video of your community hard at work – whether it’s your local running club, your activist allies, or the parents, teachers and students at school – share with us at #10Things
  • Shoutout to some groups who you know are doing great work around the city by tagging them in a tweet with #10Things!


We were thrilled to see the great conversations that took place about our #10Things - let's carry the spirit of individual action through Climate Week and beyond!

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