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August 13 2020, New York City – International non-profit the Climate Group has today announced more than 15 new additions to its stellar speaker lineup of global business and government leaders for The Hub Live at Climate Week NYC next month (September 21-27) – the only major climate summit to take place in 2020.

The Hub Live (Tuesday, September 22 – Thursday, September 24)

Now in its third year, the Climate Group will host The Hub Live – a three-day series of forums, discussions and workshops that bring together the expertise and influence of public and private sectors. Details of the events program can be found here and will welcome high-profile speakers:

  • H.E. Dr. Amani Abou-Zeid, Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy at the African Union
  • Damià Calvet, Minister of Territory and Sustainability of the Government of Catalonia
  • Mark Chambers, Director of Sustainability at NYC Mayor's Office
  • Paulette Frank, Worldwide Vice President of Environmental Health, Safety, and Sustainability at Johnson & Johnson
  • Solveigh Hieronimus, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company
  • Alan Jope, CEO of Unilever
  • Isabella Lövin, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Environment and Climate of Sweden
  • Mathias Lelievre, CEO at ENGIE Impact
  • Susan Mac Cormac, Partner at Morrison & Foerster
  • Pedro J. Pizarro, President and Chief Executive Officer at Edison International
  • Jason Porter, Senior Vice President and Head of FirstNet at AT&T
  • Dave Regnery, President and Chief Operating Officer for Trane Technologies
  • Eric Rondolat, CEO at Signify
  • Mark Schneider, CEO of Nestle Global
  • Alok Sharma, COP26 President and UK Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
  • David Taylor, CEO of Procter & Gamble
  • Dany Qian, Global Vice President at Jinko Solar
  • John Zimmer, Co-Founder and President of Lyft

The Hub Live will be hosted on an interactive digital platform where attendees can meet, collaborate, and debate. The event recordings will also available to watch on-demand so the global community can be part of the biggest Climate Week on Earth.

Mathias Lelievre, CEO at ENGIE Impact – The Hub Live Sponsor, said:

“Climate Week NYC 2020 is a critical moment for the world’s sustainability leaders to convene and determine the collective action that must be taken to deliver on the climate decade. We must persist in our sustainability agendas in spite of the challenges from 2020, and the collaborative sessions from the Hub Live will directly engage those needed conversations.”

Climate Week NYC wider events program (Monday, September 22 – Sunday, September 27)

For the first time ever, Climate Week NYC now includes virtual events from all over the world and invites a global audience to both host and get involved in events. From virtual ocean odysseys and climate ballets to sustainable investment workshops and TED talks, the week will be filled with dynamic conversations among the wider public to inspire climate action.

Helen Clarkson, CEO of the Climate Group, an international non-profit and organizer of Climate Week NYC, said:

“Climate Week NYC will provide a platform for every voice to be heard and our decision to go digital means that people from all over the world can join the conversation and be part of the change that needs to happen. To have this many government and business leaders addressing the climate crisis, at one time and in one place sends a powerful message at a critical moment.”

Further updates on Climate Week NYC speakers and the events program will continue to be announced in the coming weeks.


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Climate Week NYC 2020 Sponsors

ENGIE Impact, The Hub Live Sponsor; Walmart, Opening Ceremony Sponsor; Unilever, Platinum Sponsor; LONGi Group, Platinum Sponsor; McKinsey & Company, Knowledge Partner; Johnson & Johnson, Gold Sponsor; AstraZeneca, Gold Sponsor; S&P Global, Gold Sponsor; Jinko Solar, Gold Sponsor; AT&T, Silver Sponsor; Morrison & Foerster, Silver Sponsor; Trane Technologies, Silver Sponsor; Signify, Supporter Sponsor; Sungrow, Supporter Sponsor; and We Mean Business, Supporting Partner.


The official Climate Week NYC 2020 events program is now live. For the first time ever, Climate Week NYC now includes virtual events from all over the world and we’ve invited a global audience. The week will be filled with dynamic conversations to drive climate action. From virtual ocean odysseys and climate ballets to sustainable investment workshops and TED talks, Climate Week NYC brings together a diverse range of events.

Climate Week NYC takes place September 21-27, 2020. As the largest climate summit taking place this year, it’s the go-to destination to stay engaged on the climate crisis. Climate Week NYC will explore what lessons we can learn in the pursuit of a net-zero future through just transition and how we can build a better future for both people and planet.

Adam Lake, Head of Climate Week NYC, said: “We’re really excited that Climate Week NYC is going to be able to bring together so many important events and conversations, both in New York City and around the world.

With an understandably strong focus on digital events this year, we’re grateful to work with Facebook to help support event organizers use tools and platforms to host events and connect with the climate community. Together, Climate Week NYC 2020 will be the most engaging, inclusive and truly global Climate Week we’ve ever seen.”

Facebook is supporting Climate Week NYC to enhance the digital experience for both event organizers and the global community. Through Facebook and Instagram, audiences will be able to take action right from their couches.

Edward Palmieri, Director of Sustainability at Facebook, said: “This year, we are honored to be partnering with the Climate Group to bring people together from around the world in support of climate action. Partnering with industry leaders such as the Climate Group is a core part of Facebook’s strategy to address climate change and we are excited to continue our involvement in Climate Week NYC to help accelerate solutions.”

The events program this year is organized by ten programs, including Youth, Mobilization and Justice, Industry and the Built Environment, Sustainable Travel and Tourism, Clean Energy Transition and more.

Miranda Massie, Director of the Climate Museum, said:Last year we hosted or participated in more than ten Climate Week NYC events—not to mention the many more we joined as attendees! Climate Week NYC is a profoundly meaningful convening, more so than ever this year as we grapple together with the challenge and promise of an unprecedented moment, making connections for collective action on climate across the world.”

The full Climate Week NYC events program is available on our website and on the new Climate Week NYC app that will launch in mid-August.

For media inquiries, please email media@theclimategroup.org


By Stephen Donofrio, Principal & Founder of GreenPoint Innovations / GreenPoint EARTH

We’re at a critical turning point for people and the planet. People all around the world are taking to the streets and joining in solidarity, alongside government, businesses, and a diverse mix of organizations for a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reimagine a better future for all.

GreenPoint Earth: Screens2Streets

This future must be more equal.

It will have a more stable climate. It will see an end to poverty. It will honor the health of all living things.

In order for this future to become reality, there’s no doubt that we’ll need sweeping systemic changes, on the scale required to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, the greatest global challenges that we face today.

How do we imagine a better future together?

The solutions are all around us. And many more are being developed. Just like anything else, we need to make sure people know about them.

GreenPoint Innovations has always believed in the power and inspiration of art, storytelling, and the showcasing of solutions to affect change. Creativity can help us interpret science and demonstrations can help us understand it.

We use art to create and inspire solutions for all people, regardless of creed or demographic. It’s a way to capture people’s attention, to start a conversation and raise awareness around the issues. Rather than leave it at simply that, art can also offer a platform and spark dialogue around solutions that leave no one behind.

From our beginnings in 2014, artists and innovators have been our essential teammates. Through collective action, dialogue, and the creative process, we have helped communities learn about climate problems, while simultaneously highlighting solutions that are within our reach.

From the screens, to the streets.

Ahead of Climate Week NYC 2020, the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations, and the 5th Anniversary of the Sustainable Developments Goals (SDG), we are launching a new global initiative, ‘GreenPoint EARTH 2020: Screens-to-Streets.’ Screens-to-Streets will inspire all people, businesses, and governments to act on climate and build a better future with the incredible power of ‘Art + Purpose.’

GreenPoint Innovations has teamed with the Climate Group’s Climate Week NYC and the UN SDG Action Campaign to put out a universal call to artists for new works that speak to the urgent need to rebuild better from the pandemic. Artists are prompted to focus on the Climate Week NYC 2020 thematic areas – from ‘Clean Energy Transition’ to ‘Youth, Public Mobilization and Justice’ to ‘Nature and Science’ – and their connection to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

In close coordination with the GreenPoint team, artists will safely create these works in their personal studios or homes. One of our goals is to support artists who are helping the planet - a judging committee will select artists to be provided small financial grants and their works to be featured prominently. In September, one artist or team will be selected to bring their idea to life with the first 'Streets' mural activation in NYC (additional locations will depend on the art submitted).

In this critical moment of rapid change and upheaval, storytelling is now more important than ever.

It takes a village - all are welcome to be a part of this exciting new platform. Learn more about how to participate.

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