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Raising the Bar

This event, hosted by The Climate Group, is the first in a series of seven dialogues on “Raising the Bar: Leading transition to zero emission Industry for greater corporate climate leadership” at The Hub at Climate Week NYC. 

Industry – the foundation of many economies – is the source of 28% of global greenhouse gas emissions. To achieve the 2°C goal of the Paris Agreement, and to have any chance of attaining our aspired 1.5°C goal, it is crucial that global energy and industrial systems are at net-zero CO2 emissions within themselves – i.e. without permanently relying on offsets from carbon sequestration efforts. 

This dialogue will build on The Climate Group’s networks and expertise, to coordinate a global discussion between non-state actors to act on cleaner industrial development in heavy-emitting sectors as a concrete contribution to achieving global climate goals, and the post 2020 climate action agenda.

This event is part of The Hub hosted by The Climate Group.